Characteristics that make granite the best countertop for kitchens

In any regular kitchen, the most used and needed objects are countertops. They get exposed to water, cooking oils, residue, cleaning substances remains and the like. All these things may make countertops wear out on the long run if they are poorly made. This is why it is vital to have at the kitchen very reliable countertops that can endure any type of work in there.

black granite countertops in kitchen

Imagine if there is a countertop material that can be durable for as long as expected and even look luxurious and chic. How bad would you want that in your kitchen? This is exactly why you have to find a granite and marble countertop contractor near you.

Well, the good news is that it is not imaginary, it is real! Granite countertops have all this and more. They are very hard-wearing that they can live forever. In addition to this, granite countertops actually look beautiful and have the ability to change the appearance of an entire kitchen to a far better one.

Let’s examine the aspects of this wonderful natural stone closely one by one.

Firstly, its durability has no match. This is not an exaggeration. Granite cannot be cut, scratched, chipped, cracked or damaged even by the strongest and heaviest thing you have in your kitchen. The only thing that can affect granite is diamond, the hardest stone on Earth. Doesn’t that tell you something? It’s granite that you should depend on for a room like the kitchen, where you can place the heaviest appliances over your granite countertops and they won’t ever get damaged. It is true that marble is another good option for kitchen countertops, but it is not at all as strong as granite.

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Unlike other materials, granite is so easy to maintain. It takes simple few steps to clean until pristine and if these steps are followed on a day to day basis, your countertops can look as good as new for eternity. Granite is known for its capability to resist all types of stains. Any stain cannot be stuck on its surface, and if this happens, a poultice paste will rid you of it before you know it. Moreover, granite is powerful enough to resist heat and sustain any weather degrees. This is an aspect that guarantees that granite countertops are perfect for kitchens, as you can take a pan straight from your oven and place it right on the countertop and it won’t damage it.

An additional factor about granite is that it needs no modifications done to it to look beautiful. Plus, it is always a sign of luxury and elegance. The colors in which granite is available are countless. You can find bright or dark colors and select the ones that you like. There’s also an option where you could choose to install granite tiles and combine different colors that would complement the while design on your kitchen and make it look more amazing. Granite can easily increase the value of the entire house. What can be very helpful here is the point of view of the vendor or a specialist. They can help you set your mind on a specific pattern or color that can emphasize the beauty of your kitchen.

Dexterous installers will be able to create any style you ask for. They will always have extra suggestions if you need any. A trust-worthy worker will always be able to do the job properly without damaging your stuff or ruining the ideas you have in mind.

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Regardless of how much it is going to cost you to apply granite, the final results are going to please you and everyone around. Plus, it is always worth any money paid to have a perfect kitchen that looks elegant and also functions flawlessly.